M2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is designed to target key features that a bacteria needs to survive and multiply thus killing or inactivating bacteria. This can involve several methods from cell wall destruction to forcing too much liquid inside the bacterial cell forcing it to burst. Inactiva­tion renders the bacteria unable to reproduce effectively, stopping new bacteria forming.

The active ingredient within M2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser forces a change in pH generating a more acidic environment for the bacteria. This acidity disrupts bacterial function in multiple ways; acid damages the bacterial cell integrity making the bacterial contents vulnerable, the bacteria must then actively spend energy attempting to remove/ pump the acid outside or trying to produce alkalites to restore pH, all of which exhaust the bacteria and stop its reproduction. Finally the acid generates free radicals that damage all cellular components.

M2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is alcohol free. The alcohol produced within alcohol hand sanitizers is a costly environmental process with multiple high temperature heating stages within the chemical refraction process, yielding a high CO2 output. As alcohol is the end product of a complex degradation process it has a longer environmental persistence post use.

By contrast the all-natural formulation process used to create M2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is eco-friendly, with active biological ingredients used as opposed to alcohol. Our natural ingredients are bio-de­gradable and have no aquatic toxicity thus offer a greener alternative to conventional alcohol products and minimise environmental impact.

M2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser contains no quaternary ammonium salts, is food safe, remains effective at pH 3-5 ~ no harm when in contact with skin and is manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ensuring consistent quality.

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M2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 5 Ltr

  • Brand: M2 Care
  • Product Code: M2/ABHS001
  • Availability: 994
  • £15.47

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